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worksite wellness Worksite Wellness
Skyrocketing health-care costs are driving many employers to look for ways to offset expenses while still ensuring that benefits remain intact and employees stay healthy and happy... Read more
nutrition communications Nutrition Communications
With over 15 years of teaching, curriculum-development, and hands-on classroom experience, EAT FOOD offers customized, fun, engaging, and effective nutrition-education programs tailored for all age groups and skills levels (pre-kindergarten, school-age, adult and elderly)... Read more
food and nutrition services Food and Nutrition Services
Whether you are looking for a delicious recipe to showcase your product or brand or need a recipe tested for accuracy, EAT FOOD can do it all for you in our test kitchen... Read more
food styling Food Styling
At EAT FOOD, we don’t just make food make sense—we also make it all look beautiful. With more than 15 years of experience with cookbooks, television commercials, print media, and live events, EAT FOOD has mastered the art of getting any recipe ready for its mouth-watering close-up... Read more
workplace wellness nutrition communications food and nutrition services food styling
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